The Universal Pakua

The Universal Pakua

The new Super Tool

to the 12 essential functions of Feng Shui practice

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« Finally a practical tool to quickly locate on a plane !!!!!
What I like most is the clip that allows to move freely, to discuss with his client without the pakua comes off. How many times have I « lost the north » (; ….
I do not need to dig into my files for the first analysis … with the trigram, the personal directions and so much more information directly on the universal pakua, I save a lot of time, and that’s just too great !
the little extra for me, the red arrow that indicates the North. It’s stupid but I’m sure I’m well positioned and more efficient in my advice.
Many thanks!!! he is already on my desk in use (; « 
see you soon

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Material :

Printed on Rodoid Sheet Standard Acetate and fully laminated.
– Raincoat
– Anti stains
– Anti-scratch
– Anti Tear
– Washable

Transcription of the vidéo :

Hello and welcome to this video in which I will introduce you this tool which constitutes a small revolution by its very numerous possibilities, and will probably change radically your way of practicing Feng Shui.
He will become for you a kind of personal assistant daily, and you will certainly have trouble working without him, as it contains essential functions for the application of Feng Shui.
This tool, we called it, you called it the Universal Pakua, since it was you who chose his name among 14 others by answering the survey that we submitted to you some time ago!
You’re ready ? So let’s go!
The Universal Pakua now here before your eyes, is made of 2 transparentS sheets of rhodoïd printed and superimposed.These two parts are independent and held together by a small double magnet. They are therefore easily detachable and can work separately Which, you will see, is a considerable asset and very practical for the use for which this tool is intended.
The upper part is a Pakua Printed on a transparent rhodoïd sheet and that alone contains all the functions you need when you want to realize the Feng Shui of your home, or your office, your business, your company etc.
The lower part contains a lot of informations, indications and functions that we will detail during this demonstration.
So we will detach the top of the Universal Pakua, separating very easily the two halves of the magnet, to put it on the plane of your home to realize What it will do for us.
Of course, we assume that you already have your plan, that you have determined its center, and that you know the North.
If it is not yet the case, do not panic, I put below this video, all the links to the articles of the blog that deal with these topics and that will allow you to easily achieve these steps yourself one by one.
So, here is our plan, here I took the example of a standard rectangular plan to simplify things.
Once the top of the Universal Pakua detached, we can put it on the plan by making coincide the 2 centers, that of the plan and that of Pakua.
In passing, I give you another tip, which you will see is very practical for the rest of this operation.
Take the plane on which you will put the Pakua, and drill a small hole in its center with the tip of a pencil, about 5mm, so you can go under the plane one of the 2 parts of the magnet in the center on the hole and do the same with the other part of the magnet by styling the Pakua by its center hole, so that the two leaves will remain perfectly centered and solid and you can rotate the Pakua on your plan without the one It does not slip or escape you.
Here, we are ready!
The first function of this tool is the basic function, shall we say, of a classical octagonal Pakua, that is to say the division of the habitat into 8 sectors, corresponding to the 8 cardinal points, each being indicated in his own sector
The second function consists of an arrow indicating the North and division of the sector in the middle by red dotted lines, in order to perfectly align the pakua on the North landmark that you have previously drawn on your map.
For the third use, we added the dominant color of the area inside this one so that you have it in front of you immediately. (a link to the category « sectors » can be found under this video)
The fourth function is the indication of the sector element for immediate visualization.
Wood for the Southeast, Water for the North etc. (a link to the article on the 5 elements can be found under this video)
The fifth, and not least, use is to tell you which family member is associated with this sector.
If for example you have a problem, you, a relative, or a customer, with the son Cadet family, and you’ll know instantly, without having to go rummaging through your books, your courses or on the Internet, that it will be necessary to start by looking at the North sector (sector of the youngest son, also called 2nd Son or middle son in Feng Shui) to see if there is not a problem with a conflict of elements, a missing sector etc. (a link to the category missing sectors can be found under the video and in the email that you will receive with your Universal Pakua)
In sixth use, here again is a very important function, which is the mention of the life aspirations associated with each sector. Example : we see at first glance that the West sector is the projects; So if your projects stagnate, vegetate or never succeed, we can immediately check what can be a problem in this sector.
The seventh function is the appearance of the Kua figure, so you will know right away that if you are 7, you belong to the West sector and your element is Metal. (a link to the article « Kua number » can be found under the video and in the email that you will receive with your Universal Pakua)
For the eighth function, we added the trigam symbol associated with the sector.
The trigram is a symbol that is seen everywhere in Feng Shui, on almost all objects, but few people actually know what a trigram is and what it can serve well, while it is one of the elements of Feng Shui among the most important !!
For those who know some trigrams, this materialization is very practical because it allows to associate at a glance the characteristics of the trigram with his sector.
And for those who do not know them, well we’ll see a little further what are these famous trigrams …
The Ninth Use is a double graduated ruler, one along the length of the sheet, one over thebreadth, super convenient for you to measure, trace or check your measurements and plans without having to look for a ruler, which you may not remember where to have it stored, or a member of your family borrowed it from you etc…
In number 10, this tool also includes all the main color palettes that can be used for each sector, in order to have at a glance access to all the colors that can be used in every room of your home, office or business, allowing you to project yourself more quickly into a vision of your personalized layout.
The 11th function is also an instant access to the table of personal directions Feng shui  which, as we realize as soon as we advance a little Feng Shui, are a parameter of the most important, because it is thanks to this knowledge of directions that are favorable or unfavorable that we will be able to position ourselves properly in a room, whether for the orientation of the bed in a room or office in the room where we work, avoiding us thus serious inconvenience or worse …
And finally in twelfth use,I started talking to you a bit before, the famous table of 8 trigrams Feng shui, corresponding to 8 sectors, so the 8 aspirations of life, such as work, health, love etc.
This table is therefore an excellent way to know their meaning, to memorize them, to learn them, or simply to use them just by reading the information that is reported there.
Example: for the North West sector, we see that the associated Trigram is Qian, symbolized by 3 large superimposed bars, which are in fact 3 Yang lines, the Yin lines being materialized by two horizontal half bars.
Oh yes ! I forgot to tell you something that is important anyway, it is that you will not find it anywhere in the trade, since it is one of our exclusive creations, sold only on our website, or on the Shop, and recently, on
To acquire it and it’s very simple, just click on the link that is just below the video, or at the bottom of the page if you have the written version, and you will automatically be directed to the good page.
I thank you for having followed this video to the end and I will tell you very soon. !!



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